Information for visitors

This section gives visitors information about certain exceptional disruptions (work projects, adjustments to museum layout, closures due to unforeseen circumstances) that could interfere with their visit to the National Renaissance Museum.

The museum staff apologizes f
or any inconvenience.


Tariffs / Entrance Fees

Right to enter:

Full price: € 5.00
Reduced price: € 3.50
Group rate : € 4.50

The entrance fee allows access to permanent collections.
Warning ! The entry fee may be increased during temporary exhibitions.

There are several ways to gain free access or reduced entrance rates to the national museum. These tariff policies are often available for specific groups of people (according to age, profession or social criteria).

Nevertheless, the general public can also gain access to the museum for free by benefiting from a measure that is often forgotten: the museum is free for everyone on the first Sunday of the month. There is also the reduced entrance fee for all visitors who have paid for a lecture tour for the same day.

For all criteria, see the list below. For each criterion, a form of proof must be provided at the moment of payment.

Free to everyone on the first Sunday of the month
Free for everyone under 26 years of age
Members of the Society of the Friends of the National Renaissance Museum (find out more…)
Those looking for work
Those receiving the Revenu Minimum d’Insertion or social welfare
Beneficiaries of the ASS (Aide Spécifique de Solidarité)
Beneficiaries of the API (Allocation Parent Isolé)
Those receiving the Minimum Vieillesse government pension
War-disabled people (with one guide per person)
Handicapped people
Students of the École du Louvre, of the Institut National du Patrimoine, of the École des Chartes (except those auditing classes, taking night classes, or continued education classes, etc.)
Students of public universities or schools of art, students studying art history, national heritage, archaeology, architecture, landscaping, graphic arts, plastic arts, art restoration, design, industrial design, and professions including: art, photography, cinema, audiovisual, theatre, dance, music, fashion and fashion design (with the exception of those auditing classes, taking night classes or continued education classes, etc…)
Interns of the Association Nationale des Élèves Commissaires Priseurs (ANECP)
Active members of the teaching community
Scientific personnel of public museums (curators and general inspectors of museums)
Art critics (AICA)
Professional artists (painters, sculptors, engravers…) of the Maison des Artistes or of the CNFAP (Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques)
Visual art residents of the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris
National speakers or national, regional, local and auxiliary interpreters/guides
Free for congressmen or senators upon presentation of the National Assembly or Senate card
Members of the European Parliament or members of the Council of Europe
Personnel of the National Institute of Art History
Teachers at the CFA (Centre de Formation des Apprentis) chaperoning a group of apprentices or with a pedagogical justification for the visit
Personnel of the OCBC (Office central de lutte contre le trafic des biens culturels)
Members of certain cultural bodies and associations
Members of the ICOM and the ICOMOS
Groups of visitors under 18 years of age or school groups up to the end of high school
Chaperones for school groups: 1 for every 3 nursery school children, 1 for every 5 kindergarten children, 1 for every 7 primary, middle school or high school students
Groups of teachers or trainers of the CFA (with a chaperone)
Bus drivers accompanying the group of visitors

People with large family cards
Visitors purchasing both the entrance ticket and a ticket for a lecture tour or a workshop for the same day
Visitors purchasing the entrance ticket with vacation vouchers
Members of the association of the École du Louvre
Members of the following groups: Société française d’archéologie, Sauvegarde de l’art français, Société d’histoire de l’art français, Société nationale des antiquaires de France
Benefactors and members of the following Friends of the Museum groups*: Amis du musée Adrien Dubouché, Amis du musée d’Archéologie nationale, Amis du musée de Blérancourt, American Friends of Blérancourt, Amis du musée de Céramique, Amis du château de Compiègne, Amis du musée de la voiture et du tourisme de Compiègne, Association des amis du musée Fernand Léger, Amis de l’île d’Aix, Amis du musée Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Amis du musée de Dijon, du château de Pau, Amis du musée de Port-Royal, Amis des Granges de Port-Royal des Champs, Amis du musée de la Préhistoire, Amis du musée de Rueil-Malmaison, Association pour le rayonnement du musée du Moyen Age, Association L'Institut vendéen Clemenceau - De Lattre, Association européenne pour les théâtres de cour et théâtres privés.

*free entrance to “their” museum



Opening/Closing of the Rooms
According to the personnel available, certain rooms may be closed to the public. If you wish to see a particular room, inform the welcome desk, depending on what is possible and availability, one of the staff members will be able to temporarily accompany you. You can also call the museum switchboard (+33 (0)1 34 38 38 50) the day before or the morning of the day of your visit in order to find out which rooms are open that day.

Construction: The castle’s restoration worksite
L’OPPIC (Opérateur du Patrimoine et des Projets Immobiliers de la Culture) has begun major restoration projects at the Château d’Écouen. The next phase will be the restoration of the northern façade.

ATTENTION: The construction work can result in changes to the visitors’ tour. Part of the rooms on the ground floor may be closed. You are advised to call the museum switchboard (+33 (0)1 34 38 38 50) for any questions before your visit.

Lecture Tours
The museum is open on all bank holidays except January 1st, May 1st and December 25th. Be aware, however, that there are no lecture tours scheduled on bank holidays. For that matter, you are strongly advised to call in advance in order to ensure that a lecturer for the general public will be there for the tour.

Lockers: Lockers can be operated with a €2 coin and are available for guest in the basement along with trunks available for groups.
Ask the welcome desk.